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with barack obama. he and caroline and maria shriver and the big event in california made a huge impact on large numbers of voters in critical states. i think that embraced, also at the democratic convention, when he left his hospital bed and also said he was determined to see the january swearing in. and he did, on tse ste on the other side of the capitol, of course, west front of the capitol that cold day, frigid day. we remember seeing him in the hat and blue muscler and came out despite his chemotherapy and treatments, braving the cold, and being in a crowd, not advisable for people whose immune system has been compromised and the terrible upset during the ceremonial luncheon later when he did collapse and went back into the hospital. the drama of the past 15 months has been extraordinary, and the battle he fought with vicki at his side and had a lot to do with the way barack obama's election came ou >> very good-natured teasing among the cousins, however, some who had endorsed hillary clinton for president and then maria shriver and caroline kennedy, and senator kennedy endorsed ba
to the public tomorrow. wbal-tv 11 news. >> senator ted kennedy's niece, maria shriver, talked about the passing of her uncle and mother. eunice kennedy shriver died just a few weeks ago. shriver talk about their resilience and passion and said that not many people will ever experience the overwhelming love and support her uncle has. >> both of them are incredible testaments to how long it takes, how hard one has to work to accomplish something. i think we have lost sight of that in this country in all professions, journalism, politics. people expect you get elected president and solve all problems immediately. if they look at people like teddy or mommy, d.c. how long they have to stay there and keep hammering away and hammering away. i can that that gives us hope that people can find solutions. if you look at that and say, wow, they accomplished a lot, but it took a long time. >> david gregory's entire interview with maria shriver will air tomorrow morning at 10 on "meet the press." much more our website. you're more reaction from around the world and you pictures. there's also a retrospective
brothers will be nice to you. >> and of course, 23 years ago, maria shriver wed arnold schwarzenegger in this same church. as a devout catholic, eunice kennedy shriver was honored with a full mass, eulogized by her five children, honored by her 19 grandchildren. she is being celebrated at as a passionate humanitarian, forever changing how the u.s. and the world, in fact, treats people with special needs. the special olympic torch led the procession today into the church, where athletes delivered a welcome that moved mourners to tears. noticeably missing today, eunice's brother, senator ted kennedy. he is nearby at the family compound, battling brain cancer. a spokesman for the family said ted kennedy's schedule is, quote, day to day. and right now, eunice's family and close friends are attending private burialed followed by a lunch at the kennedy family compound and a nearby club. nbc's ann thompson is here with me on the cape. ann, who has known the kennedys so many years, who came from this area and has deep roots here, this is really another one of those moments for hyannis. >> i t
coverage of the final farewell to senator kennedy continues after the break. maria shriver talks about the final year of her uncle's life and how she'll remember him and will danny affect our sunday we >>> senator kennedy's burial at arlington national cemetery capped a week in which thousands of mourners filed past his casket in boston to pay their final respects. his niece maria shriver appears on "meet the press" tomorrow morning and says the public outpouring of support for kennedy while he battled brain cancer made a huge difference. >> watching this final year was beautiful because i think, you know there have been a lot of things written about tedy over the years and it hasn't all been complimentary. and i think for someone to have that kind of love come at you is a very powerful thing that very few people i think ever experience in their lifetime. >> shriver says her uncle also inspired hope because he never gave up. you can see the entire interview on "meet the press" tomorrow morning right here on nbc4. >>> and an emotional reunion in china today for a young maryland man, the
buddies and all the other contributions, and maria shriver and her work for women. i just think that this family is inextricably tied to the fabric of america. as teddy realized as he was writing his memoir. and perhaps not inheriting the seat that may not come to pass. in this generation. but look at all those little faces. they have lives yet to be written. >> the freckle-faced children that we remember through the many generations. and today's generation on display. >> military pall bearers, leaving the vehicle now. to paraphrase one of his favorite poetry selections that we heard repeated during the mass, ted kennedy has miles to go before he arrives at his final resting place later today. his body will now be taken to hanscomb air force base in boston and flown to andrews air force base. they'll drive by capitol hill, and they'll stop and be greeted by members of senator kennedy's staff. as you may know, among many things senator kennedy was known for compiling absolutely the best and brightest staff on capitol hill. it grew in size as his power grew. and it has launched so
in bethesda. her daughter is maria shriver, the first lady of california, married to schwarzenegger. buagain, eunice kennedy shriver dead this morning at the age of 88. sympathies going out to her family this morning. >> without a doubt. we'll have more on that through outthe morning. >>> let's check in with knowny. we mentioned the meteor shower and the question is with all the haze that wave had the last couple of days, are we going to be able to see anything. i think we'll have a fair a cloud cover tonight. tucker said he saw a meteor coming in this morning but for tonight, for the peak viewing time, we'll have a fair number of clouds. so i think it will depend on where you are this evening. so we'll see. i don't have great hopes about seeing that activity. we'll see. let's take a look at what is happening. we'll go back to yesterday and the temperatures, 97 degrees was the high at reagan national. that was one degree shy of tying the record. we did break a record at dulles international. it got to 97 degrees there. the record was 96. that was set in 2001 so we ve a new record at dulles.
national cemetery. with us to honor his remarkable life in career and public office maria shriver, first lady of california and daughter of his sister unince shriver, and kathleen kennedy townsend, the he wouldest child of his brother, robert f. kennedy. two of his closest colleagues in the senate, fellow senator from massachusetts hn kerry and chris dodd of connecticut. plus, democratic strategist bob shurum long-time political advisor to the senator who helped write his famous speech of the 1980 democratic national convention. >> the work goes on. the cause endures. the hope still lives. and the dream shall never die. >> and presidential historian doris kearns goodwin who authored "the fitzgerds and the kennedys." caions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> . ♪ ♪ >>> friday evening after the moving memorial service in boston, i sat down at the kennedy library with his niece maria shriver, and asked her what the tremendous public outpouring meant to her and her family. >> i think that it's extraordinary. i think driving from hyannis port to boston it was so moving to see people
kennedy and john f. kennedy and robert kennedy. she is the mother of maria shriver. >> a little bit of light rain tried to push through portions of maryland. a lot of heat and humidity is on the way. temperatures are still on the mild side with plenty of cloud cover. 76 degrees to the airport. 79 at the harbor. ♪ ♪ once you've dealt with the things that come between you... don't let erectile dysfunction get in the way. ♪ va ♪ viagra! viagra...america's most prescribed ed treatment... can help you enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience. to learn more, spend some quality time with viagra.com ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain... as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting... more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away... if you experience a sudden decrease in vision or hearing. now's the time. ask your docto
, tired, tireless, determined, and ready to surrender to god. >> maria shriver's uncle is battling brain cancer and did not attend the services. special olympians were also there. >>> a woman at the center of the abu grabe prison scandal was scheduled to talk about her new book as part of a forum in d.c. today. the event was caedel because of threats of violence and protests. she was convicted for her role in the picture scandal. she is now appealing that conviction. >>> conflicting statements could result in a kidnapping charge against a former astronaut being dropped. the statement was thatshe sprayed her with pepper spray during the 2007 confrontation. she is accused of driving from houston to orlando to kidnap her romantic rival. >>> next, a young journalist scores a one-on-one with a president -- with the president. >> and a beautiful day around the metro area. >> michael vick introduced to his new team and he talks about how he is approaching his new start. coaches and players try to figure out how to score. announcer: during the autobahn for all event, you can get great lease deal
following president kennedy's assassination. california first lady maria shriver and the former maryland delegate, mark shriver and ted young is the three children with former wife, john. it was patrick mou wrote in the hearse with his father. -- with his former wife, joan. it was patrick who rode in the years with his father. the kennedy library where his body will lie in repose for two days, r now, the focus will be on remembrance, not naming a successor. >> i think almost everybody who is interested in this is interested in reading the loss of a giant. >> [unintelligible] >> just a short time ago it was announced that when his casket will arrive here on saturday, it will go to the capital where members at the capitol will pay their last respects. >> and as rebecca said, senator kennedy's body will lie in repose for two days. gordon, we understand you spoke to people who have been lining up for hours to pay their respects. but as of 5:00, 1600 people were lined up waiting to get in. and some are still waiting to get in. the sole surviving child of rose kennedy and she just laughed. --
of eunice kennedy shriver, who died this week at the age of 88. her daughter maria shriver gave the eulogy, she praised her mother, who founded special olympics as a fighter for the powerless and an inspiration to her own children. >> i think if i said to my mother, which i often did, i can't go on without you, i don't know how to live without you, she'd say you're fine, i've raised you well, now get out there, i don't want to hear one more thing, get going, your brothers will be nice to you. >> couric: senator edward kennedy was unable to attend the than funeral because of his health. gas, bloating. that'! can i tell you what a difference phillips' colon health has made? it's the probiotics. the good bacteria. that gets your colon back in balance. i'm good to go! phillips' colon health. from the northeast, try our new garlic-roasted... maine lobster and crab bake. or from the south, try our new orleans... wood-grilled shrimp jambalaya. ends soon. at red lobster. >> couric: while the president of the united states does many interviews, it's always a privilege to get one, but it's rare when
. her family including her daughter maria shriver has been at her side at a hospital in massachusetts. eunice shriver is the sister of john. if kennedy and was the founder of u.s. special olympics. breaking news, eunice shriver has passed away. certainly our thoughts go out to her family. >>> rod blagojevich has a new gig as an elvis impersonator. are you kidding me? yes. he's s ee's sang elvis presley't me nice." you can book him for speaking engagements, maybe more sinking. thank you. thank you very much. i swear the guy's never seen a camera that he didn't love. >> you're absolutely right. at this point my son at 5 would come out rolling busting out in a show tune. maybe he'll show up on youtube. he's like the w.b. frog. >>> no delays through the weather. charlotte has a delay, a departure delay, 23 minutes because of runway construction. we have new york towercams. throw that up. here with go. boston, new york metro, philly, atlanta, cleveland, st. louis, 30 minutes to an hour. everybody should see delays of less than an hour. that's good news for the travelers on a tuesday mornin
is by her side. there she is. actually, maria shriver. she is the mother of california's first lady, maria, sister of president kennedy and senator ted kennedy, who has also been in poor health as a result of a brain tumor recently. we should also tell you she was married to sergeant shriver, who ran for president once, and she was also known for being the person who founded and started the charity that i've been very much tied to in my life, when is special olympics. so, there you have it. maria shriver's mom, eunice shriver, has just been taken to the hospital in critical condition, massachusetts hospital. family's at her side. as we get more information, we're going to be sharing it with you. >>> you know the dad i've been checking in with this week, louis haros, who out-and-out refused to take down that tattered american flag until his son, corporal paul haros returned from iraq? all his neighbors were upset, saying take down the flag, even gave him a brand-new flag to put up and he wouldn't do it? guess what? it finally happened yesterday. the flag came down because the son came home.
, and 19 grandchildren. daughter maria shriver's husband, california governor arnold schwarzenegger, called his mother-in-law the light of the family. president obama said that shriver will be remembered as a champion for people with intellectual disabilities. who taught our nation and our world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit. inspired in part by the struggles of her mentally disabled sister, eunice kennedy shriver organized the first special tick olympic in 19-- special olympics in 1968. the stories have long documented sharif's achievements. >> she accomplished something most politicians never even aspire to. she changed the way america faced the moral question -- how it treated the metropolitanly disabled. >> reporter: and shriver's legacy will live on through the work of her children and the special olympics which now has more than a million participants in more than 150 countries. drew levenson, cbs news. >> shriver also received the nation's highest civilian award -- the presidential medal of freedom in 1984 from ronald reagan. until rece
in massachusetts. that includes her daughter here, maria shriver, and maria's husband governor arnold schwarzenegger. it's still unclear why she went to the hospital, but shriver's had a series of strokes in recent years. she's best known as the founders of the special olympics which helps millions of people with disabilities worldwide. >>> a man suspected of planting several deadly bombings in indonesia is dead. he was killed in a dramatic shoot-out with police. noordin top was allegedly in this house in a small town in java. the police raid lasted 18 hours and once it was over, authorities say that top was dead. the fbi had placed him on its top ten list of suspected terrorists here. he was wanted in connection with last month's bombings at two indonesian luxury hotels that killed nine people, including the two bombers. top was allegedly a bomb maker and a recruiter for an indonesian terrorist group with suspected ties to al qaeda. >>> a florida medical examiner says that cocaine contributed to the heart disease that killed famed tv pitchman billy mays. the hillsborough medical exam
and treasured wife to sarge and a wonderful mother and grandmother. her daughter maria shrivers husband, california governor arnold schwarzenegger called his mother-in-law the light of the family. president obama said that shriver will be remembered as a champion for people with intellectual disabilities who taught our nation and the world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit. inspired by the struggles of her mentally disabled sister. she organized the first special olympics in 1968. lis torians have long documented shriver's achievements. >> she accomplished something most politicians never even aspired to. she changed the way america faced the moral question, how it treated the mentally disabled. >> reporter: shriver's legacy will live on through the work of her children and the special olympics which now has a million participants in more than 150 countries. drew levinson, cbs news. >>> on 9 news now at 9:00 this morning, special olympics president brady lumm talked about eunice's legacy. >> she adopted a legacy that has been adopted all over
of the death of eunice kennedy shriver and the mother of maria shriver. >>> and also more on health care reform. >> i want you to know what is in the -- what is common to all of the proposals. >>s is similar to -- it's similar to what is happening across the country as lawmakers pitch health care reform and today the president may face a similar scene. >>> plus a sneak peek into a world most of us will not never experience. there is a great book out that gives aa look behind the scenes in the secret service and ronald kessler will tell us what you will learn and it will shock you. >>> and breaking news out of cape cod hospital in massachusetts. eunice kennedy shriver has died. she was 88 and suffered a series of strokes. >> she watched her brothers make their mark in the political arena but she's left her own legacy as a champion of children with disabilities. gurvir joins us with the latest. >> reporter: many expected this and that's why many left their homes to be up with her in massachusetts. eunice kennedy shriver dead at the age of 88. she was from brookline, massachusetts. she was the 5th
the olympics, the organization his mother founded. of course, maria shriver is first lady of california. >> the family set high standards, and they're always worthwhile measuring up to -- exceeding them when i can't. >> reporter: a burden shared by the next generation. so while ted kennedy's passing may mean the end of a political dynasty, his family's contributions to the country continue. jeff glor, cbs news, hyannis port, massachusetts. >>> coming up, we'll speak with the stepfather of kidnapped victim jaycee dugard. i'm michelle gielan and this is the "cbs morning news." ies versus 100 in the other leading brand and a taste you'll find... [sluuurrrrpppp!] irresistible. light & fit. great taste, fewer calories. on fridays, i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. there's only one way to eat an eggo -- your way. l'eggo my eggo. , maryland, good morning, maryland, now, don scott, marty
, there are kennedys in massachusetts, there are kennedys by one method or other here in california in the former maria shriver. i suspect that we have not seen the end of what the kennedys have meant to this country, nor will we for a very long time. there are a whole lot of kennedys. >> okay. we'll take a look at something. i want to get into something grittier right now. here's the secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius talking about the health care bill. of course, that is central to ted kennedy and his legacy. here she is. >> i think naming is a decision that the united states senate will make. i think passing it is the big first step and that's what senator kennedy would want. i hope, also, that if people are truly interested in honoring his legacy, and there's a lot of conversation about that, the best possible legacy is to pass health reform this year and have a bill president obama can sign. hopefully in every step along the way they will ask themselves what will teddy do and move it forward. >> well, gene, the grave robbers are already out, the ghouls, if you will, are alrea
is a mother of california's first lady maria shriver. more than 300 people gathered for a vigil at a pennsylvania gym where three people were killed and nine injured on tuesday. the gunman walked into an aerobics class, turned off the lights come and began shooting. he then took his own life. police uncovered the suspects video portraying him as well lonely man with trouble attracting women. >> the orioles got an impressive performance from a young pitcher. was it enough to do what they have not done much lately, when? we will tell you. >> we're expecting most of the rain tuesday to the north. big-time heat is on the way. 82 degrees. humidity is only a 52%. that will change. i will have your >> it was a gorgeous saturday to be outside and you still have a few hours left in the evening. a few scattered rain showers to the north. we can take a look at the big picture. we can see that most of the storms are expected tuesday to the north. we could see a row shower dip down across northern maryland over the next few hours. if you are heading out right now, you might want to take an u
to live in montgomery county. she's the mother of maria shriver schwarzenegger. be sure to check in with eyewitness today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for more on the heat advisory. we'll have extensive weather coverage of the extremely hot weather and how to best protect yourself. >>> pluses are can your -- plus, can your hair color really determine how much pain you feel? a surprising study is coming up. join us for all these stories and more at 4:00 right after dr. phil. stay with us. the five-day forecast you'll want to see is coming up next. r bad cholesterol but your good cholesterol and triglycerides are still out of line? then you may not be seeing the whole picture. ask your doctor about trilipix. if you're at high risk of heart disease and taking a statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides and raise good cholesterol to help improve all three cholesterol numbers. trilipix has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or stroke more than a statin alone. trilipix is not for everyone, including people with liver, gallbladder, or
street by the kennedy family including daughter maria shriver and california governor arnold schwarzenegger to a small chapel at the saint francis xavier church. many notable well wishers were in attendance. you can get more information by checking out our slide show. it is son our website at wusa9.com. eunice kennedy shriver died on tuesday. she was 88 years old. >>> 26 people are recovering today after being stung by wasps in rock creek park. this happened yesterday near the nature center on glover road and most of the people were children. the fire department tells us eight girls were stung this morning after disturbing a yellowjackets ' nest and a few hours later, another 16 children were stung in the very same area. everyone is expected to be okay. >>> so, how do you treat a bee or wasp sting? well, first, try to remove the stinger if it is still in the skin. then, to neutralize the venom, pediatricians say you can use a meat tenderizer, deodorant or a baking soda solution. an ice cube can help with pain. and for itching and swelling they suggest a dose of benadryl or hy
angeles, california. governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver. her mother in critical condition. shriver has suffered a period of strikes. the 88-year-old shriver is the oldest surviving member of the kennedy clan. she may be best known for starting the special olympics. there's a tug of war over paula abdul. interested in the former "american idol" judge. it might not be a fair competition. the executive at "dancing with the stars" says he and paula are friends from way back. guess you know what that means. and some reports say they even dated. ah hah! i was not that far off. >> later on in the show, speculation about who might replace paula abdul. it's not just posh spice who's in the laundry list. i think one allison will get behind -- >> i do guess. i don't know that. i just guessed. >> i guess that's the show. oh, well. let's go out to iowa. another town hall meeting, another fiery meeting over healthcare. we saw it over tampa where things came out of hand. police had to step in. we saw what happened in st. louis. well, take a look at iowa last night. had said tha
family members are arriving here at the kennedy compound. maria shriver landed on a private jet shortly after 7:30 eastern time. this is less than two weeks after burying her own mother, eunice shriver. >> and "newsweek" magazine will honor ted kennedy. it will feature gut -- a cover photo of kennedy with brothers robert and john. it will go on sale on friday. there is still much more on the life and legacy of senator kennedy on our website. there is also a look back on the legacy of the kennedy family in american politics. you'll find it on our home page. in other news, the baltimore city entertainment group presented its plan for $212 million slot parlor. while the plans looked impressive, some concerned citizens are crying foul. and the placement of public hearing on the parlor's location. >> according to the group, the slot parlor will generate half a billion dollars of revenue in its first year and generate thousands of jobs. still, for those who oppose slots, some are saying that they have a hard time expressing their feelings. wednesday afternoon, members of the baltimore city en
daughter is maria shriver, the first lady of california. an autopsy report links cocaine to the death of tv pitchman billy maizays. the autopsy shows that he died of heart disease but the cocaine use was probably a contributing factor. he was found dead in his condo at p-years of age. >> -- a 50-years of age. -- at 50-years of age. surveys say that the recession has hurt people's sex lives. >> ask anybody these days and they will tell you that the economy is make -- taking a major toll on their life. >apparently it has not just hit couples in the wallet, but in the bedroom. according to a survey, one in four moms say they are having less sex. >> the natural human instinct is to withdraw. >> officials say it is normal to stress over money problems. >> a can disintegrate relationships. >> taking its toll in the bedroom. >> how do you climb out of that when finances are such a major issue right now? >> there are so many things that couples can do. >> they say that keeping a positive attitude is important and cackling finances as a team could make the relationship stronger. >> a relationship is
. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. >>> senator kennedy's niece, maria shriver sat down with david gregory with her memories of the senator. we hope to have that a bit later on. apparently we don't have that tape. msnbc contributor mishgs bank iggal is with us. you have a lot of stories to share. what will be on your mind during this service? >> well, a lot will be on my mind, lester. one will be a very personal notion that the idea the other day that senator kennedy left hyannis port and cape cod for the last time is something i think a lot of people are still trying to come to grips with. the reality of him in that home, on that beach, on the dock, on his boat, a huge booming laugh. the concern for others. i think that will be on the minds of both myself and everybody else in the mission church here. >> i was watching the memorial last night, and joe kennedy was speaking about the fact he and his brothers and sisters needed a father, and john and caroline needed a father, and here was ted, uncle ted, who really became that father figure. talk, if you can, about the hole that is now left
the ground. >> hd notatte ndr co the way as he fights brain cancer. her daughter, maria shriver and his nephew robert kennedy jr. work mourners that arrived. one disabled man left the car that said, "she taught us to stand tall." >>> it is a life sentence with no chance of parole for jose garcia. he was convicted of the brutal death and robbery of a 63-year- old woman. he targeted elderly women in montgomery county in northwest washington. some of them testified at today's sentencing hearing. after the judge delivered the life sentence, victims said that justice has been served. >> i am delighted. anything less would have put us all in jeopardy at a later date and other people, too. >> they say there were probably hundreds of victims because of search of jose garcia's home that yielded thousands of items stolen. >>> a local animal rescue shelter is closing its doors. what will happen to the dogs? but >> what woulyou pay for unlimited flights for a month? >> doug hill here. folks are getting wet. we will check the doppler in my forecast still to come. >>> you're watching abc news at 6:00
, california first lady maria shriver, who called her mother, quote, "skerries smart and not afraid to show it -- scary smart." her brother, cedric entered kennedy, could not attend as he continues to battle cancer -- senator edward kennedy. >>> a judge dismissed after letting air out of a tire. >>> also ahead, jon and kate plus police. what force them to go to.ir >>> we have new information about the mid-air collisions over the hudson river last weekend. just seconds before the crash, a conflict alert warningd on the dispy. appeared on the display. controllers told the ntsb they do not recall hearing those warnings. two people have been suspended, and a supervisor who was not in the building. nine people were killed in that crash. >>> the former alexandria police chief ha n iysilja ys in jail after pleading guilty to drkeun driving charges. he made the plea in district court today, acknowledging that his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit when he was involved in a crash last month. he has retired, retired after hisrrest. >>> a judge is suspended after a meeting that he let the
at a massachusetts hospital. family members have gathered at her bedside including daughter maria shriver and her husband, california governor arnold schwarzenegger. the 88-year-old sister of president john f. kennedy is best known for starting the special olympics. secretary of state hillary clinton continues her trip through africa. she visited a housing project in capetown, south africa today that she had visited in 1997 when she was first lady. the development made great progress since her first visit, growing from 18 to 579 homes. clinton is trying to rebuild ties between the u.s. and south africa. she also met witnew president jacob zuma. up next on news at 6:00, are you ready for football some redskins fans braved t heat to catch their favorite players in action. and exactly how hot is it going to get? we could be neang record temperatures before the weekend is over. meteorologist st e rudin has your forecast. ecast. e >> a louisianachool is testing out a new idea for the upcoming school year. no homework. students at northside elementary in the town of dedham springs will gmiet ass gnment
schwarzenegger married maria shriver in hyannis. with the brain tumor, kennedy loved to be out on his 50-foot sloop, the "maya." even in these last months, he never failed to miss a chance to sail. >> we always enjoy it. >> reporter: as sad as it is he passed away, it's important to remember, ted kennedy is the only one of the brothers who got to live out his days and die in the place he loved. i'm david wright, in washington. >>> and here is that place he loved, once again this morning. a police that could, soon, be open to all americans. >>> when we come back, in honor .or ted keshedy, the athlete. you weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops. it works fast, with just one drop, to relieve my itchy eyes from allergies for up to 12 hours. no other allergy itchy eye drop works faster or longer. which is good, 'cause there's a lotta paws to shake. with new zyrtec® itchy eye drops i can love the air™. (announcer) find it in the allergy aisle next to other zyrtec® products
. plenty of others have sought to elbow their way in. arnold schwarzenegger married maria shriver in hyannis. and president clinton took to vacationing on nearby martha cease vineyard and he sailed with president kennedy through some of the roughest waters of his presidency. >> ted kennedy was very generous to bill clinton at this time because it was a rough time and he knew what that felt like. he was very kind to the out -- in pictures with bill clinton -- >> right after monica lewinsky. >> giving some moral support. >> it is no surprise that when he got sick, senator kennedy came here to recuperate and even with a brain tumor, he loved to be out on his 50-foot sloop the maya. even in the final few months, he never missed an opportunity to sail. >> couldn't be a more beautiful day. had a wonderful chance with the family and a great tradition out here. we always enjoy it. >> ultimately it was where he came to die. he'd sit on his porch, he would paint. he read and wrote here. you know, and his children were here. >> as sad as it is that he's passed away, it's important to remembe
in front of the catholic church as family and friends gathered for a private funeral mass. maria shriver high lighted the service with her mother's adventures and she brought the fwakterring to tears reading a poem she wrote with her m. she was buried not far from the family compound. >>> we're learning more about the details that happened moments before the deadly crash over the hudson river. a single-engine plane struck a helicopter. the ntsb says the controller who cleared that plane for departure got on the phone to make a personal call. that controller told the plane to contact the newark airport but failed to tell the pilot about air traffic in the area. a newark controller who did see the traffic never heard from the pilot and told teterboro to warn the ane. the teterboro was still on the phone with that personal phone call at the time. two other attempts to contact the plane were unsuccessful. nine people were killed in that collision. the teterboro controller and his supervisor are on administrative leave pending an faa investigation. >>> overnight fog and light winds have weake
. maria shriver carrying her mother's casket. >> mommy was our hero. >> what you haven't seen from eunice kennedy shriver's funeral. >> she fought right up until her very last breath. >> kathie lee and frank. stevie wonder. where was ted kennedy as he battled the brain tumor? >>> plus, is this the end of camelot? >>> michael jackson's secret drug meeting? the new doctor speaking out today. did michael offer her nearly $1 million for dangerous drugs? >>> jon and kate and the cops why police had to get between the estranged couple. >>> the music, the mudslides. what you never knew about woodstock on its 40th anniversary. the untold story in a brand-new vi
. -- republicans are also phrasing the career of ted kennedy. arnold schwarzenegger who's married to maria shriver called kennedy a loving husband, father, uncle and brother and the rock of the family. nancy reagan release a statement saying -- >>> reaction to senator kennedy's death is pouring in not just from the u.s. but around the world, as well. gordon brown says even facing illness and death he never stopped fightinger the causes which were his life's work. i am proud to have counted him as a friend. kevin rudd had this to say. >>> while his passing didn't come as a surprise, the kennedy family political allies and critics are all in morning. the late senator emerged from the shadows of big brothers john and robert to become one of the preimminent politicians in the country. we have more from the kennedy compound in hyannis port, massachusetts. >> reporter: the liberal lion of the senate loses his battle with brain cancer. senator edward ted kennedy passed away last night at his family compound in hyannis port. president obama vacationing nearby got the news at 9:00 a.m. >> we were denied wh
is ted kennedy. he is at the family compound, battling brain cancer. >> her daughter, maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger, helped carry the casket into the church and maria shriver delivered a eulogy that included a poem. >> thank you, mommy, for giving me the breath of life. thaw for giving me a push over and over again. >> laid to arrest rest this afternoon on cape cod. >>> release and maybe redemption for a child of the '60s who came to represent the fall of the flower children. >> lynette "squeaky" fromme was released today from a federal prison in texas. she pointed a gun at president ford during a visit to california. >> a follower of charles manson served more than 30 years. she was released from prison. >> today, released on parole. manson still serving his sentence. >>> and the manson murders, one of the darkest times of the '60s. but just a week later, the setting a farm in upstate new york. 40 years ago tomorrow. >> marking its anniversary, woodstock, it's memory and marketing is alive. and echoing through the generations born since. >> it revived your faith in human
with disabilities worldwide. her daughter, maria shriver and maria's husband, arnold schwarzenegger, have also been at the hospital. >>> police are getting new clues about the murder of a couple known for adopting special needs kids. they are coming from a man arrested last week. sean callebs reports investigators are looking at business debt and connections to the mexican mafia. >> reporter: 61-year-old henry "cab" tice was a long time friend and business associate of byrd and melanie billings according to the escambia county sheriff david morgan. >> they were business partners in a series of businesses, in a finance company that financed cars and other things and a couple of car dearly ships. >> reporter: the relationship soured. tice owed billings and was arrested or writing bad checks to the billings. the sheriff also says he's not ruling out that the billings murders could be a contract hit. another in freaking connection, tice was close to patrick gonzalez jr., the man authorities portray as the ringleader in the killing of the florida couple that adopted children with special needs. >> he's
will not be there today. you see some of the pallbearers who are there making their way well. sargent shriver and maria shriver and you see maria shriver, a long time member of the nbc family. we will continue to follow what is happening in hyannis, massachusetts, the funeral of eunice kennedy. the $100 cream. flabbergasted when we creamed the $700 cream! for under $30 regenerist micro-sculpting cream hydrates better than 32 of the world's most expensive creams. fantastic. phenomenal. regenerist. people think that honda is always the most fuel efficient choice. well, this chevy cobalt xfe has better highway mileage than a comparable honda civic. this chevy traverse has better mileage than honda pilot. the all-new chevy equinox has better mileage than honda cr-v. and chevy malibu has better mileage than accord. however, honda does make something that we just can't compete with. it's self-propelled. there's never been more reasons to look at chevy. combines two powerful medicines for fast relief of your diarrhea sytoms, so you can get back out there. imodium. get back out there. >>> good morning. welcome
. kennedy and founded the special olympics. her family, including daughter maria shriver, was by her side in a massachusetts hospital. she was 88 years old. shriver's son-in-law, arnold schwarzenegger, said this about his mother in law. eunice was the light of our lives, our family. she meant so much not only to us but to our country and to the world. she was a pioneer who worked tirelessly for social and scientific advances and changed the lives of millions of development tally disabled people all over the world. >>> long lines in atlanta today. look at this. thousands of homeowners waiting for a chance to lower their mortgage payments. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america, or the naca, as it's called, is a federal subsidy program that helps homeowners who are going through a rough time, while borrowers can get loans restructured the same day and some can cut payments in half. they had to go through budget counseling. this event is taking place at the georgia world conference center. >>> accident in the miami area. 18-wheeler took a turn too fast, crashed on its side, on th
of perpetual help. there is maria shriver heading in -- heading out of the jfk library. and, mika, you look at this family, obviously maria shriver has been a key player in california politics over the past several years. it is -- you cannot overestimate the impact of this family over the past 50 years in american political life. >> and, well, the passing two of major legacies in this family over the past few weeks, eunice kennedy shriver, maria's mother passing away, which was another great legend in that family, perhaps a little bit underestimated in terms of how we write our history of this country, in terms of what she accomplished, but legislatively, senator ted kennedy, the list could go on forever in terms of what he accomplished as a politician and as a legislator, but also what his family was able to do with their political weight, not only in the state of massachusetts, but for the country as a whole. we're watching two things happening at once here, family members and the casket leaving the jfk library in boston. and mourners walking into our lady of perpetual help, the church wh
rights activist. and the extraordinary achievements, of course, of the shrivers. maria shriver, who has become an activist as first lady of california, but an activist for alzheimer's research, because of her father. >> right. and then also, maria is a very big activist for women. and she is holding a conference about women's issues later this year out in california. you look at timothy shriver and anthony shriver, anthony shriver started best buddies, which also deals with people who have challenges. bobby shriver works with bon fabonno. i mean, the shriver family have devoted themselves to public service, to following in the footsteps of both their mother and their father. because you remember that sergeant shriver was the one jfk tapped to lead the peace corps. so there is this whole legacy of public service that this family -- this family walks the talk. they live it every day of their lives. >> ann thompson, stay around. i know we'll be talking to you a bit later. thank you so much. ann thompson, a woman of the cape as well as being here on the cape. and joining me now on the phone
maria shriver and maria's husband governor arnold schwarzenegger have arrived at the hospital. they arrived yesterday. sean kelly with wcvb is standing watch this hour. what is the latest and do you know what is ailing mrs. shriver? >> no, we haven't gotten an update from the shriver family about exactly why she is here in the hospital, but we know that she's been here about a week in the intensive care unit. it's still early here at the hospital so we haven't seen any of the shriver or kennedy family members arriving here, at least at this hour. last night at about 7, 7:30 we did see her son mark and his wife leaving the hospital. there was also a photographer from the cape cod times who captured maria shriver, her daughter, as well as the california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, leaving the hospital. we are told that family members and it is a very large family, they have been at her bedside periodically throughout this week, including her husband, her many grandchildren, as well as her children. the only public statement we've got son far is a written one from the family
bloggers on the new media strategist at right online conference. and then maria shriver gives the unit -- gives the eulogy for her mother, eunice kennedy shriver. tomorrow on "washington journal," the white house correspondent for "the hill tops about how obama is promoting his agenda during the recess. jim martin on his concerns about health care proposals from president obama and the democrats in congress. and fell off alcabes talks about the history of disease control and questionable health policy practices. "washington journal," alive every morning at 7:00 a.m. -- like every morning at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. from the right online conference in pittsburgh, discuss sense of the online campaigning. this act -- this last about one hour and 10 minutes. we had that great time and we're glad to have you joining us. on our panel today, we're delighted had eric erickson, and matt lewis from politics daley appeared without further ado, i will turn it over to them. topic will be, how the right can win online. the work begins when you leave here and go back to your communities and get online an
tonight. you have seen everyone here from of course, maria shriver, the daughter of eunice kennedy shriver, and her brothers, her siblings. also of course, arnold schwarzenegger, oprah, carolin kennedy. and the not so famous. the special olympians who think of eunice kennedy shriver as their grandmother. she told me they mentored them and loved them. in fact an inspiration. she single-handedly changed the way that the physically and mentally challenged are treated all over the world. and she will, tomorrow, be buried. there will be a funeral mass. the one person missing here today was of course, teddy kennedy, who is battling brain cancer. we don't know yet whether he will be here tomorrow for the funeral. but they will march after the casket and they will go to a different church in hyannis and a torch carried by one of the special olympians. ann. >> to bury a great woman. andrea mitchell tonight. thank you so much. also tonight the remans of the long-lost navy pilot, scott spiker has returned to his home in florida. his flag-draped coffin arrived at the jacksonville naval air station. sp
with a smile on his face to everyone here. we had a chance to see maria shriver in one of the cars there, and vicky rolled down the window with tears had her eyes and had a chance to wave. it's a tough day for this community. they're not just mourning the loss of a senator for 47 years but a man that they say was just a neighbor. the guy they saw walking his dogs, the three portuguese water dogs around this area, taking the golf cart around and according to mike barnicle who says up until the last days they would wheel teddy to the dock so he could get to the mya and be taken out to sea just to enjoy a little bit of time in this area that he loved so much. such a beautiful part of the country where today everyone is grieving and certainly a show of sadness and also appreciation. >> as peter is recounting the crowds in hyannis port, people are gathered along the roadway on the way to boston from hyannis port. senator boxer, which is an extraordinary expression at a time when politicians are frankly as unpopular as journalists in america, especially tv journalists. you don't find many poli
kennedy shriver funeral right now. we see maria shriver, her daughter, speaking. let's listen in. you see vice president joe biden there on the front row. >> to a pioneer, to a trailblazer to a civil rights advocate of legendary proportions to a force of human nature who more than held her own in a family of highly competitive, high achieving men. she was, indeed, a transformative figure, but to her five children, mark, bobby, timmy, and anthony, to all of us, she was simply mummy. mummy was our hero. she was scary, hard and not afraid to show it. she was tough, but also compassionate. driven, but also relief and funny and competitive but also empathetic and restless and patient and curious and careful. she liked to hang with the guys, but all her heroes, except for her brother jack, were women. she had a husband who was totally devoted to her in every sense of that word. a man who marveled at everything she said and everything she did. he didn't mind if her hair was a mess, if she walked around in a wet bathing suit, if she beat him at tennis or challenged his ideas. he let her rip and h
, including a conversation you had with his niece, maria shriver, right? >> yes. it was a very interesting conversation with maria. i talked to her about that final speech that senator kennedy, her uncle, made at the 2008 convention. she was seen wiping tears from her eyes. he talked about his support for then senator obama and his passion, and in a way that was a long public good-bye and it led to the final year of his life, which i asked about. >> what was that final year like for him? >> well, i think it was, for me, watching this final year was beautiful, because i think, you know, there have been a lot of things written about teddy over the years, and it hasn't all been complimentary. and i think for someone to have that kind of love come at you is a very powerful thing, because very few people, i think, ever experience in their lifetime. >> very few people and notably what he got to experience, what ted kennedy experienced in this past year is something that his brothers could not experience, and that is the experience of how people felt about him. >> i want to ask you quickly about
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